2013 in Review

Posted in By Nikita Saini

Just few hours are left in 2013 now, I cannot help thinking how rapidly this year has passed. But when I look deeper it wasn't that quick after all.

The immensity of time never ceases to amaze me. All the joy and sorrow that this year holds. The laughs & heart-aches, success & failures, highs & lows, challenges & obstacles and life-changing decisions. All the wonderful people I have come in touch with and the unfortunate few whom I've lost contact with, meeting my super awesome BFF after two long years. The latest fad and all crazy new experiments. New places that were explored, places that were so unexpected and never on my list to visit. 'Bhilai' and 'Hisar'. Friends that got married. The great novels that I got to read, all the awesome movies and TV series I got to watch. And of course the cool projects I got to work on, well at least they look cool and startling on THE screen after all the perplexing and tiresome nonetheless incredible team work. All happy and not-so-happy accidents, breaking my 'Teacher' glasses, losing my phone(twice), and of course my adventurous train journeys.

In a nutshell.. What an amazing year it was. All the lessons that were learnt in this year were nothing but invaluable.

Via this post, I would also like to express my gratitude towards people who have been with me through the thick and thin, who have helped me get through this year 'ALIVE'!! Thank you guys for all your support (you know who u are :) .. love you loads)

There was a lot achieved in 2013. Yet, there is so much more to do..

Here's to making 2014 another great year.

P.S. Dear 2014, please be good :)