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Movie in Review - 'Ek Villain'

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Ek Villain - lest you want 'shikayat ka mauka'

I had my hopes very up for this movie, the songs were so good after all. The movie lost me within the first 10-15 minutes. The dialogues were apathetic. I don't understand what the director and casting director were thinking before signing up Shraddha Kapoor for a role like this, true she is pretty and looked good on the Royal Enfield, but there is a thing called acting. She failed to deliver any dialogue properly and the face was as flat as a pancake (metaphorically speaking) it showed no emotion whatsoever. Overall she was very unconvincing and plain annoying as 'Aisha'.
On the contrary 'Siddharth' did a very good job portraying an angry young man, 'Guru'. He was pleasing aesthetically and a treat to watch.
Ritesh on the other hand was not bad to watch either, it was kinda good to see him exploring the other side of him than the usual mindless comedies.
The Director- It is admirable that he wanted to explore the dark and intense side of love. But he failed to deliver the same to audience. The scenes he wanted to be intense turned out to be funny, resulting the audience to burst into laughter, which is an example of failed direction in my opinion. I expected better.
Story- There is a lot in the story which could've been made into a great film. The lousy script has however failed to do it any justice. The back and forth screenplay didn't do any favors either, I guess a straight approach could've been a much better choice.
Now coming the the film itself, the opening was really bad, the dialogues were awful. A lot of portions could've been easily edited out (they didn't contribute a bit to the actual storyline). Every twist and turn was covered within the first half, at the time of interval it almost seemed that the movie ended abruptly. Few of the sequences were plain ridiculous, like Guru bringing back Rakesh to life, the PJs of Aisha, mindless kidnapping, the 'Chillar', and so on.
VFX Part: This seemed liked the most neglected part of the movie. How did they they manage to approve all those blue fringes in the bluescreen shots, the bad matchmove of the CG train coach, the, the fake snow, the initial GLASS break, the butterflies, and more. I guess a little more budget for the VFX department could've helped.
The cinematography was decent.
The only part where I have failed to find any fault is the music, the songs are good.
The maximum ratings this movie deserves according to me is 4. With an additional 1 for the songs and Siddharth. Overall 5/10. Unless you have absolutely nothing to do, I'd advice you to save your time and money and investing it elsewhere.


Movie in Review - 'Highway'

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Warning : If you enjoy typical Salman movies e.g. Dabangg or mindless comedies like Chennai Express or Grand Masti this film is definitely not for you. Please save your time, money and energy.

If I were to describe 'Highway' in two words, they would be "Beautiful" & "Honest". I always thought that Alia Bhatt couldn't act, however she has pleasantly surprised me as 'Veera', she actually nailed it or maybe it could be attributed to the directional skills of Imtiaz. The performance delivered by Ranadeep Hooda was excellent; he was amazing and very convincing as Mahabir, a dehati gujjar, simply perfect, couldn't think of anyone who could have done it any better.

The tracks Patakha Guddi and Maahi Ve are one best works of A.R. Rahman. Locations used are alluring and riveting, featuring some of the best Indian locations ever showed on screen. Cinematography and BG score are just the perfect blend and add to the story without going over the cliff. The pace is just right. There were technical issues however, I did notice a few bad G/S shots, very bad comp and bad lighting in a few places. You really have to nitpick if you are keen on finding faults. This film proves that a good cinema could be made with just a good story line, you don't always need grand sets, designer clothes or skin show/ item numbers to sell the movie.

I am a bit disappointed with the critics, whom I thought shared my taste, to give such low ratings to this marvelous movie. Next time perhaps I should trust my instincts rather than reading their reviews.

This movie has safely made its way to my 'favorite movies' list. Hats off to the director. My ratings 8.5/10, and an additional 0.5 for leaving me in tears at the end. Only one regret I should have watched it much sooner. 


2013 in Review

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Just few hours are left in 2013 now, I cannot help thinking how rapidly this year has passed. But when I look deeper it wasn't that quick after all.

The immensity of time never ceases to amaze me. All the joy and sorrow that this year holds. The laughs & heart-aches, success & failures, highs & lows, challenges & obstacles and life-changing decisions. All the wonderful people I have come in touch with and the unfortunate few whom I've lost contact with, meeting my super awesome BFF after two long years. The latest fad and all crazy new experiments. New places that were explored, places that were so unexpected and never on my list to visit. 'Bhilai' and 'Hisar'. Friends that got married. The great novels that I got to read, all the awesome movies and TV series I got to watch. And of course the cool projects I got to work on, well at least they look cool and startling on THE screen after all the perplexing and tiresome nonetheless incredible team work. All happy and not-so-happy accidents, breaking my 'Teacher' glasses, losing my phone(twice), and of course my adventurous train journeys.

In a nutshell.. What an amazing year it was. All the lessons that were learnt in this year were nothing but invaluable.

Via this post, I would also like to express my gratitude towards people who have been with me through the thick and thin, who have helped me get through this year 'ALIVE'!! Thank you guys for all your support (you know who u are :) .. love you loads)

There was a lot achieved in 2013. Yet, there is so much more to do..

Here's to making 2014 another great year.

P.S. Dear 2014, please be good :)


It didn't end with her...

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She was 23. She was a girl. She could have been anybody. She could have been me. It hurts me to think that it happened in the city I I love so much. The city I have always been so proud of. Now the girl is no more, people are on streets protesting, shouting slogans, lighting candles, silent marches, and lord knows what else. But lighting a candle won't bring her back. Nor shouting slogans will prevent another such crime from happening. We have been listening about more and more rape cases happening everyday that are coming into light. So where does this go to? The whole nation is grieving over the loss of its daughters, still the perverts among us somehow manage to make their way. Instead of trying to find a solution, political parties are busy blaming others for the mishap for their own motto. According to them either the girl is dressed "provocatively" or the morals are not sound enough (who gave you the rights to decide), and the most recent one includes 'Honey Singh'. If his songs are vulgar or obscene how do they get past the censor board? Are the govt officials doing there job properly? And eventually the blame goes onto the police, as if they have failed, like they were supposed to predict/anticipate this. The blame game is endless.

We often forget that the only person we should blame is ourselves and our thinking, which in my views is the sole reason for these kind of incidents. Discrimination of the girls from the very start, female infanticide, deliberate starvation, domestic violence are some of the issues faced by women in the present century, surprisingly even by the educated classes. Wasn't illiteracy once a cause of it? And as far as the dressing is concerned, are they saying that women will be safe if they are dressed in saris? Is that the case in villages? Do the girls there dress up provocatively? And what of the minors, does a 4 or 7 years old girl or a 90 year old lady will dress up provocatively??  Its high time now for a change. The need of the hour is to teach the people to respect women instead of lecturing the girls on how to dress. And for girls to stand up for themselves, our so called "Society" to change their thinking and give these sick bastards a hard punch on their face, with a punishment so brutal that these mentally sick people will think over a hundred times to commit such a heinous act ...

Frameflixx Short VFX Movie, Pitampura

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Where has all the time gone...

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I were thinkin of updating my blog for a very long time... now the last post says July 25th '09.. jst wondering where all this time has gone, it had been almost a year.. but now i'd more regular, my promise :)... and to begin with here it is ... now frameflixx is over and so i m on my reel these days.. gonna upload it in a couple of days... Till then take care :) and come back to check some updates...

The Travelling Eye

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A VFX shot created by me and a friend Ashish...

Watch on Youtube here
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